The NGO Specialists in Tunisia

2S Firms are the NGO & Association specialists in Tunisia.  We have significant experience advising NGOs through all stages of their development and our customers we count leading NGOs such as the Carter Foundation, IFES and OMCT.

The Tunsian revolution created a new environment of freedom in Tunisia. This newfound freedom has powered the rapid expansion of civil society and the explosive growth in the number of NGOs operating in Tunisia, both local and foreign. To encourage and facilitate the growth of civil society, 2S Firms designed and ran a series of free workships on the legal, accounting and human resource compliance issues associated with operating an NGO in Tunis. (A media interview is viewable at the bottom of this page)

While now free and encouraged, NGOs who want to establish operations in Tunisia need to take a very cautious approach to regulatory compliance. Regulations can be stringent and aren't always clear, and this is where 2S Firms can help.

Some of the specially tailored services we can provide to NGOs and Associations are as follows:

  • Tax, human resources and regulatory advice
  • The contracting out of accounting, human resource and tax operations
  • Statutory auditing of accounts
  • Auditing of financial reports to donors
  • Advice on the establishment and maintenance of internal controls
  • Assistance in obtaining tax exemptions