NGOs and Associations

2S Firms is Tunisia's leading provider of accounting and auditing services to NGOs. We work with both local and foreign NGOs, including internationally recognized names such as The Carter Institute and OMCT. As specialists in this area, we can help you navigate Tunisia's often difficult and confusing regulatory environment. Learn more

Foreign Investors & Entrepreneurs

Establishing or expanding a business in a foreign country can be a daunting task. Regulatory differences, language and culture can all prove difficult to navigate. 2S Firms is here to help, and can help you successfully launch and run your operations. Experienced in helping foreigners in Tunisia, we count Americans, French and New Zealanders amongst our customers. Learn more.

Tunisian Investors

We help Tunisian investors and entrepeneurs to start and run their businesses. From small businesses with a few employees, to nationally recognized industrial brands with tens of millions of dinars in revenue and hundreds of employees, we can tailor a package of services to assist you no matter what the size and nature of your business. Learn more.

Foreigners certified public accountants

2S Firms  provide foreigners certified public accountants and their accounting staff  outsourcing services wich added value by allowing release time for employees who can focus on other rewarding missions.. Learn more.


2S Firms provides accounting, auditing and consulting to Tunisian and foreign Associations, NGOs and companies operating in Tunisia. The founding partners, having worked in top 4 accounting firms and with a combined 15 years of experience, formed 2S Firms in order to deliver customers the rigor of international standards combined with the personal service and values that only a niche, specialied team of experts can provide. As registered, Chartered Accountants of the Association of Chartered Accountants of Tunisia (L'Ordre des Experts Comptables de Tunisie), 2S Firms is built upon the foundations of partnership, expertise and trust.