Your business partner in Tunisia

2S Firms offers a wide range of services to assist Tunisian investors and entrepreneurs through all the stages of their business development, including but not limited to, the following:

Prior to starting your business

  • Advice and assistance to obtain funding (SICAR, BFPME etc)
  • Helping investors to raise funds and negotiate with donors
  • Preparation of feasibility studies
  • Optimization of tax and financial structures

Setting up your business

  • Advice regarding regulation where market access is restricted 
  • Writing of the statutes of your company
  • Development and registration of final status.
  • Creation of your business and completion of the following procedures:
    • Obtaining a tax identification card
    • Obtaining all the necessary documents including purchase orders, API certification etc
    • Publication of the constitution.
    • Obtaining the register of commerce


  • Accounting assistance
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Consolidating company finances
  • Preparation of reports for delivery to parent companies
  • Analysis and optimization of accounting techniques


  • Statutory auditing
  • Assistance in mergers, acquisition and transformation
  • Establishment of audit procedures and implementation of internal controls

Legal and tax assistance

  • Preparing and filing of tax returns
  • Tax optimization
  • Assistance with tax audits
  • Advice concerning the writing of minutes
  • Assistance in regulatory procedures such as increasing company capital changing the registered office of the company

Audit and human resources consulting

  • Managing payroll for your business
  • Preparing and filing of the necessary labour declarations to the appropriate ministries
  • Drafting of employment contracts
  • Assistance and advice in dealing with social agencies
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) audits (in accordance with SA8000 standards)