Captain Dash

Bruno Walter - Founder, Captain Dash

In 2011 we decided to create a subsidiary in Tunisia of our French company Captain Dash so we could perform part of our research and development activities in Tunis.

Already familiar with Tunisia, we knew we had to choose advisors with enough experience, capable of guiding us through this process of establishing our R&D office in Tunis.

After talking with Selim Kouidhi, we decided to choose 2S Firms to assist us in the establishment and the ongoing operations of our Tunis office.

Selim, Sofiene and their team have assisted us in the following:

Consulting Prior to Establishing Our Operations

  • Understanding the range of legal structures available and assisting us in making our final choice
  • Guidence in understanding the banking and foreign exchange regulations and how they would impact our operations
  • Introductions to people who could provide us with other knowledge and services we needed (such as banks)

Establishing our Operations

  • Creation of our Tunisian company, including writing the constitution
  • Drafting our office lease agreement
  • Completion of regulatory formalities with all the appropriate agencies and ministries (such as registering with social security and obtaining certificates of tax exemption)